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MCA Texas

5629 FM 1960 West, Suite 354
Houston, Texas  77069

Phone: 281-440-4380


Glenn Rex
Executive Vice President

Jim Reynolds
Administrative Vice President

Officers and Board of Directors for 2021 – 2022


Doug Gregory
Gregory-Edwards, Inc., Houston

Vice President/President-Elect

Kevin Oeding
Dynamic Systems, Inc., Dallas

Secretary / Treasurer

John Anthony
Anthony Mechanical Services, Inc., Lubbock

Immediate Past President

Jeff Henkener
Dynamic Systems, Inc., Austin


John Gargotta
Service Mechanical Group, San Antonio

Bobby Grimes
A & G Piping, Fort Worth

Chad James
Harold James, Inc., Fort Worth

Curtis Harbour
The Brandt Companies, LLC, Houston

Tony McCorvey, Jr.
Way Engineering Company, Houston

Alan Milby
MIINC, LP, Dallas

Ryan Rehmann
Dynamic Systems, Inc., San Antonio

David Schnautz
Five F Mechanical, Austin

Kevin Shea
Stratus Systems, Dallas

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